Thursday, February 19, 2009

No Self Defense Allowed

Two recent news stories have me up in arms. The first is about a Marine who was arrested for carrying a gun on a college campus. (Source) The reason this bothers me is because he has a concealed carry license and was not doing it to harm anyone, but to protect himself and others from the crazies that have been shooting up college campi in recent days. If I were back in college, I would love to know that there was a Marine in my classes packing heat because I would feel safe. A lot safer than some silly zero-tolerance policy that is going to do nothing to stop a madman from carrying a gun on campus intent on doing harm.

The second story is about a rancher on the border who is being portrayed as a bad guy for protecting his property and his country from illegal aliens. (Source) First of all, why can't a man protect his property any more? And secondly, if the government isn't going to protect the borders, then why can't the citizens?

Just more examples of our country heading in the wrong direction, in Hucklebuck's humble opinion.

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  1. I heard about the rancher...isn't he being sued? Ridiculous.

    And gun sales are up since Obam took office. I can only imagine what 'Uncle Ted' would have to say about this.

    Oregon takes the cake when it comes to ridiculousness. I'm posting about it on Saturdays - so come check it out.