Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Only Turn 200 Once

Today is the 200th birthday of two famous men: Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. I find it interesting that Google chose to honor Darwin over Lincoln today.

I'm not surprised, mind you, given Google's leftist political views, but I am still disappointed.


  1. I don't remember Darwin freeing the slaves. You'd think that a 'liberal' viewed website would would be more concerned with the 'race' thing, especially this year, than the evolution thing. And I saw where one liberal outlet was comparing Obama to Lincoln. Google...get with it. They are so not PC today....

  2. In their favor Lincoln is more limiting to America where Darwin is more worldly.

    Of course that is only a part of their reason I'm sure still we cannot fault others for having different views. We are all different. As Christians we can only love them and pray for them so that they might come into the love of God.

  3. Nick, can you expound on your comment a little more? I agree, as Christians, we do have to love them, but it doesn't mean I can't voice my opinion against Darwinism. Google is liberal. I am not. I am a Christian, but I am also very passionate about what I believe to be right based on what I know, biblically. Just call me the Apollos of Acts - I'm sure he stepped on some toes, just like I've been known to do because of my right-leaning.

    And, Nick, don't take this as an attack against you or anything. I enjoy your blog and reading your comments. I may just be more 'outspoken' than you. ;)

  4. Annie K,

    There is certainly no reason you cannot voice your opinion against Darwinism but your opinion. My point is not that we don't share our opinions. I am just saying that we cannot change any single person but we can pray.

    I am a very passionate debater but I've never changed a life through my debating abilities. Building relationships tends to be much more effective and prayer goes a long way to open those doors.

    I like to think of Jesus and Paul as the best examples. Jesus certainly debated very well but the lives he did the most to change were through prayer and relationship. The same is true for Paul who really threw the gauntlet down in Mars Hill. The lasting testimony of Paul, though, is through the relationships he build and the powerful prayer life he led. Very little is recorded when Paul was getting ready to leave Ephesus. He talked for so long a kid fell asleep in the window. None of that got recorded, but what he did when the kid fell and died did get recorded. He prayed and the kid came back. Then he talked on and on some more none of which got recorded.

    The best examples show that people can and should stand up for what is right but it also shows that they spent more time loving than condemning and building relationships as the bridge by which people were saved in their sin.

    Hope that helps clear up what I'm saying.